Pivotal Pilates & Personal Training

offers a professional and exclusive training environment tailored to each client’s individual needs and fitness goals.

Inspired by the philosophies of Joseph Pilates, this system of exercises, in conjunction with the use of specialised equipment, is designed to enhance mental awareness, improve physical strength, extend flexibility and stabilise posture.

Pilates Equipment classes:

  • First class includes a Postural Assessment
  • Private, duet and trio Pilates equipment classes (Reformer, Tower/Wall unit & more)

Pilates Mat classes:

  • Mat classes (maximum of 4 persons per class)
  • Due to small class size, the instructor can help clients with form and attention to detail

Personal Training:

  • Focus: Cardio, Strength, Toning and Flexibility
  • First class includes an Injury Risk Profile Assessment
  • Exercise plans can be designed according to the individual fitness goals and requirements of each client, aiming to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility
  • Private, duet and trio training classes

Moderate - High Intensity Interval Training:

  • Focus: Cardio, strength and flexibility
  • This hybrid class finds its inspiration in High Intensity Interval Training, Pilates and Strength Training
  • This could be a good start for those who want to start with light to moderate cardio
  • Equipment:
  • Stationary Bicycle
  • TRX Suspension Trainer
  • Pilates Reformer
  • Pilates Wall Unit
  • Dumbbells and other auxiliary equipment

Please consult your doctor before beginning an exercise program. This is essential if you have a history—or family history—of cardiovascular, respiratory or other medical conditions.

Antenatal & Postnatal exercise.

Guided by a Registered Nurse, expectant moms will be able to enjoy movement with their unique needs prioritised. (Please obtain written clearance from your Obstetrician before beginning an exercise programme.)


Teresa’s desire to nurture health and wellbeing started in the pursuit of a career in nursing. She completed a Bachelors degree in Nursing (BNurs WITS) in 1994. Thereafter, she worked in Antenatal, Postnatal and Post-Operative Recovery wards.

Inspired by a desire to maximise her own health and fitness, Teresa started attending Pilates classes and worked on strength training with a Personal Trainer. She has subsequently attained qualifications in Comprehensive Pilates: Mat and Equipment (HFPA & PilatesHere) and Personal Training (Fitpro). Teresa also seeks to continually learn and expand her knowledge base by attending short courses: Injury Prevention (HFPA), Splash (Virgin Active) and Spinning (Spinning International).